SPK Komplex at Whitney Humanities Center

„1968 and the Languages and Legacies of Liberation“

(Humanity/Humanities Workshop at Whitney Humanities Center, Yale)

February 28th – March 03th 2019

If emancipation was the great word of the nineteenth century, leberation was the great word of the latter half of the twentieth century, an particulary of 1968. This seminar will take the occasion of the 50th anniversary of the upheavals of 1968 to reconsider the  meaning of the moment of „liberation“. We will explore the middle and  longterm effects of the 1968 moment, considering the ways in wich emancipatory impulses and projects were transformed, abbreviated, co-opted or extended globally in worker`s and students´ movement, feminist and quer activism and theory, Black revolutionary socialism, and the „long´68“ across a range of artistic practices.

with: Moira Fradinger. Yale University, New Haven, CT, John MacKay. Yale University, New Haven, CT, Rüdiger Campe. Yale University, New Haven, CT, Pedro Monaville. New York University, Abu Dhabi Campus, United Arab Emirates / Mariano Mestman. National University of Buenos Aires, Argentina./ Lessie Jo Frazier. Indiana University, Bloomington, Michigan./ Deborah Cohen. University of Missouri- St. Louis, Missouri./ Eugenia Allier Montaño. Universidad Nacional Autónoma de México, Mexico DF./  Mary Phillips. Lehman College, CUNY, New York./  Zachary Scarlett. Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana./ Samantha Christiansen. UCCS University of Colorado, Colorado Springs./ Timothy Brown. Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts/ Patricia Melzer. Temple University, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania./ Gerd Kroske. director; Berlin, Germany/

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