Cinema KROKODIL,Reopening: “KEHRAUS” 07/14/2020

The berlin-well known Cinema  Kino KROKODIL reopening 07/02/2020:

July 14.2020 at 7 pm Screening:

KEHRAUS / SWEEPING, D 1990, 35mm, 28 min, D.: Gerd Kroske; O.: Sebastian Richter

Leipzig is in a period of change. The uproar of Autumn ’89 is followed by a hectic electoral campaign in Spring ’90. Reunification will be come

Nightly conversations with street sweepers are dominated by hopelessness and broken self-confidence, but one can also recognize a keen sense for the change in social climate following the political unification in the GDR. Despite their lack of illusions, they have an acute view of their surroundings, and for these street sweepers only one certainty prevails: there will always be dirt.
There is always a remainder, something that doesn´t work out even…

KEHRAUS / SWEEPING is Part I. of the “KEHRAUS-TRILOGY ” since 1990-until 2006)

More about the TRILOGY here: