KEHRAUS-Trilogy: screening at Leipzig

The CASINO cinema in Leipzig was once an institution. Now it is finally being reactivated at Kupfergasse 2, in the “Monument workshop space” of the Friedliche Revolution Foundation.

We will revive the tradition of a sophisticated cinema program in Leipzig’s city center. With free admission, we will show two films on one evening on one topic and invite to a film dialogue afterwards each time,” says Gesine Oltmanns, board member of the Stiftung Friedliche Revolution. Double screenings are planned for the first and third Tuesday of each month.

The program continues at the former CASINO* cinema in Leipzig. On April 18, starting at 6:00 p.m., the “KEHRAUS” trilogy by Gerd Kroske will be shown complet:

Kehraus” (1990, 30 min), “Kehrein, Kehraus” (1996, 70 min) and 20:30 “Kehraus, again” (2006, 100 min). The Leipzig “Kehraus” trilogy begins shortly after the fall of the Wall in February 1990 and develops over the course of three films into a long-term study.

In his documentaries, director Kroske follows the lives of the protagonists Henry, Stefan and Gabi, who are street sweepers in the city at the beginning of the series. The secret fourth protagonist is Leipzig itself.

Director Gerd Kroske will be present for the film discussion.

*Where the DenkmalWerkstatt is located today at Kupfergasse 2, part of the popular Casino movie theater resided from 1913 to 1993. It was an art house cinema as well as a venue for the International Leipzig Documentary and Short Film Week, today DOK Leipzig.